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The Unfinished Swan

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The Unfinished Swan Review: A Boy and His SwanThe Unfinished Swan Review: A Boy and His Swan

The Unfinished Swan Review: A Boy and His Swan


In just over 3 hours, Giant Sparrow’s touching story, The
Unfinished Swan, hit me right in the soft spot of my heart. Told in storybook
form filled with a wonderful narrative, The Unfinished Swan tells the story of
a boy following a swan through a black and white world ruled by a king who just
can’t seem to finish his art. The adventure starts a blank slate and slowly
reveals itself as the boy, Monroe, shoots paint balls. As the game
continues to progress, the engrossing story and new additions to puzzle
mechanics keep you engaged right to the very end.

Some may scoff at the length
of the game but rest assured, it is the perfect amount of time to not only fall
in love with this genuinely touching story of a boy in a strange world, but
just enough time to not become bored with the mechanics. If you are looking for an
action packed shooter, this game is not for you even in the slightest. Something
of note that was a little bit of a disappointment for me was the lack of replay
value. Once I completed the game, I wasn’t very interested in a return trip.

At $14.99, The Unfinished Swan may turn off some, but for those willing
to invest the money, they will have an experience they won’t soon forget. 


 -Bruise -Bruise



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