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Unit 13 (Vita)

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Unit 13 Review: 13 Hours of BoredomUnit 13 Review: 13 Hours of Boredom

Unit 13 Review: 13 Hours of Boredom


Sony’s Zipper Interactive burst into popularity with their
title SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs in 2002
and continued to wear themselves thin with more games in the SOCOM franchise
for the next 10 years. Before their closure last year, they were able to
release a new IP with Unit 13, which most would easily compare to SOCOM.

13 is a 3rd person shooter where you control one of six military
operatives attempting to prevent terrorism through 36 story missions and 10
High Value Target missions. All campaign levels can be played through Co-op,
and each of the campaign levels can be played as a Dynamic Mission where the
level and its enemies change each time you restart the mission, hence the word
“dynamic”. If you’ve ever played any of Zipper’s previous 7 installments of the
SOCOM series, jumping into Unit 13 will be fluid as most controls are similar
except the occasional exception where the L2 and R2 buttons have been replaced
with touch controls.

Where the story lacks (see: non-existent), the gameplay
exceeds on the Vita. Although the actual gameplay itself isn’t innovative in
any way whatsoever, it does however do what it was intended to do very well.
It’s a standard affair with basic “pop up and shoot from cover” mechanics but the
length of the missions make it tolerable; ranging from 2 minutes to 10 minutes.
If Unit 13 becomes available as a free incentive for PS Plus, download it,
otherwise, I cannot recommend this game for the money.






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