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Hitman: Absolution

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Hitman: Absolution Review: 47 Gives 0 F***sHitman: Absolution Review: 47 Gives 0 F***s

Hitman: Absolution Review: 47 Gives 0 F***s


The newest installment of the Hitman franchise is a
beautifully brutal reminder that Agent 47 is still very much deadly and with a
body count that should continue for years. IO Interactive’s latest array into
stealth assassinations is, for lack of better words, satisfying.

From the
simple sniper kill, to the patiently anticipated set up of a smoker by a gas
pump, every play through can be completely unique and entertaining. Discussing
the game with others can be enlightening and hilarious at times when it’s
realized that one target can be picked off 10 different ways. Experimentation
and patience are key in Absolution where the learned behavior of running and
gunning are quickly frowned upon in a wave of bullets coming your way. As you can see below, death comes in many forms.

Most of my time with Absolution was spent in waiting.This can be a hindrance to some who aren’t nearly as patient. Personally, I found the stalking my prey and studying their every move to be invigorating. Where people walk, what they say, and how they react to 47’s disguises are imperative to completing your hit without a single soul knowing you were even on the premises. Spending 20 minutes just keeping an eye on somebody to learn their habits and then executing a plan is well worth the wait. 

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Totally not sketchy at all.Totally not sketchy at all.

Totally not sketchy at all.

Don’t be shy to challenge your friends because this will be the only time you can tell your friends that you are a better assassin than them.

One additional mode built into Absolution is Contracts; IO’s “multiplayer” like functionality. Players are able to go to a stage, set a mark or two, and execute against their friends’ scores. In my experience with Contracts, I went to Chinatown, marked a drug dealer and killed him with Hitman’s famous fiber wire. After taking his jumpsuit as a disguise, I hid his body in an closet and exited the stage. My friend completed my challenge and upped the ante with adding one more target to the body count and then delivered the contract to me. Don’t be shy to challenge your friends because this will be the only time you can tell your friends that you are a better assassin than them. It was surprisingly a lot more fun of an experience than I expected, although very short lived. 

Hitman: Absolution is  a wonderful return to form for the Hitman series and I can only hope we have the opportunity to see another sooner than 6 years.


 -Bruise -Bruise



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