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Crysis 3

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Crysis 3 Review: Cloak DisengagedCrysis 3 Review: Cloak Disengaged

Crysis 3 Review: Cloak Disengaged


The third (and possibly final) entry in the Crysis trilogy by
Crytek, and this intellectual property’s value is beginning to decline. I thoroughly enjoyed the original Crysis and even enjoyed Crysis 2, but the third installment is
less to be desired as far as earning your hard earned $60.

You’re back in the Nanosuit as
Prophet, who was once Alcatraz, and before that, Prophet. Sound confusing? That’s because it is.  Prophatraz (as I’m calling him) is after the Alpha Ceph, an alien power the Ceph leader, who we now know about thanks to the merging of memories in the Nano-suit. Although it was good to see Prophet and Psycho team up again, Psycho’s constant depression of not having his Nano-suit anymore was more than irritating and the dialogue between the two was borderline laughable. Cliches were plentiful and the narrative has become so convoluted that Kojima San’s Metal Gear is getting a run for it’s money. In the end, who plays Crysis for the narrative? 

Is this just a great looking tech demo? Yes.

The game is beautiful on CryEngine 3 and the stealth mechanics and control handling rival any FPS out there.  There’s a nice balance in level design as both overgrown forestry and verticality from the original Crysis merge with the linear, urban corridors of Crysis 2. I found this to be a well thought out compromise although the feeling of participating in an open world in the Nano-suit is greatly missed. Also, greatly missed: a lengthy experience. Crysis 3 can be easily completed in less than 6 hours. Seeing as how I put over 20 hours into the original,  the diminishing game length begs the question “Is this just a great looking tech demo?” Yes, and that’s why I say “Rent It” and walk away.


 -Bruise -Bruise



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