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Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Medal of Honor: Warfighter: Dishonorable DischargeMedal of Honor: Warfighter: Dishonorable Discharge

Medal of Honor: Warfighter: Dishonorable Discharge


I’m going to be very brief about my stint with Warfighter. The declination of
worth with this franchise is almost depressing. Either EA is putting more
money and resources into its flagship first person shooter, Battlefield, or Danger Close is
lacking the ability to provide the 2 year turnaround that was demanded of them.
Either way, Warfighter is terrible.

The new Frostbite engine allows for Warfighter to stand out as a great looking and great feeling shooter. Like its cousin, Battlefield, lighting and lens-flare are dominant and the engine gives a very realistic visual aesthetic that other shooters should take note from. It looks good. The rest of the game isn’t good at all.

across invisible walls, holes in floors leading to a graphics wasteland, and
other game breaking glitches that rendered this game unplayable. After (not) enjoying myself for almost 3 hours, I reached a point in the game that I fell through a hole that looked like it was a solid floor where the game saved and became corrupted. Because of this, I was forced into (not) enjoying myself for those 3 hours yet again, attempting to avoid wandering into the hole again. 

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At least it looks  good...   (Photo Credit Joystiq)At least it looks  good...   (Photo Credit Joystiq)

At least it looks  good…   (Photo Credit Joystiq)

My time spent with Warfighter couldn’t have been over any sooner.

My time spent with Warfighter couldn’t have been over any sooner. So much in fact that when the credits rolled, I couldn’t have cared any less. My multiplayer experience was only slightly less than horrible but still often found myself disinterested and irritable. 

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is proof that an illustrious engine like Frostbite makes not the game. Whatever disconnection has occurred within EA’s Danger Close has shined through with Warfighter’s glitch ridden floors. Hold on to your money and save yourself the time.


 -Bruise -Bruise



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